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Irish Hearth Tale
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or Erin is Celtic; from Eri or Iar (western).  Wormius derives the word from the Runic Yr, a bow.

Called by the natives “Erin,” i.e. Eri-innis, or Iar-innis (west island).

By the Welsh “Yver-den” (west valley).

By Apule’ius, “Hiber’nia,” which is Iernia, a corruption of Iar-inni-a.

By Juvenal (ii. 260) “Juverna” or “Juberna,” the same as Ierna or Iernia.

By Claudian “Ouernia,” the same.

By moderns “Ireland,” which is Iaren-land (land of the west).

—E. Cobham Brewer, Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, 1898

Among all the early literatures of Europe, there are two which, at exactly opposite corners of the continent, display most strikingly similar characteristics. These are the Greek and the Irish, and the legend of the Irish champion Cuchulain, which well illustrates the similarity of the literatures, bears so close a resemblance to the story of Achilles as to win for this hero the title of “the Irish Achilles.” Certainly in reckless courage, power of inspiring dread, sense of personal merit, and frankness of speech the Irish hero is fully equal to the mighty Greek.

—Thomas Bulfinch,
The Age of Fable

Set aside some time for yourself and venture on a journey through a landscape of vibrant stories cultivated by an ancient people!
Experience a vital and illustrious existence, spanning nine thousand years, and within its pathways uncover the threads of relevance to intertwine within your own life.

Welcome to Earthlore Ireland!

An immersive library of resources exploring the cultural and historical legacies of the people of Ireland.

IrelandWithin Ireland resides a wealth of cultural treasures. For over a thousand years artists and scholars have transmitted this grand legacy of literature and lore unto future generations.
Earthlore Ireland Stained Glass Illumination of Saint LukePersevering through long centuries of hardship, and great opposition, Irish culture and the lamp of Celtic Spirit burn vibrantly at the dawn of a new Millennium. Through this digital information age many contemporary scribes are working to interpret these works anew, preserving Irish culture for the centuries ahead. Earthlore has supported this important work for over five years by developing educational resources within contemporary media. Our primary objective is to provide a broad public with accessibility to the vitality of traditional culture. It is our belief that a developed appreciation of the past teaches us a great deal about who we are today, and who we may yet become in centuries in front of us.

Seanchai - A Storyteller Irish HeartCla'irseoir - A Harpist
Earthlore Explorations Ireland - Book of Kells Christ In elder Ireland, individuals who held these two positions were awarded a great respect. Rarely were written texts set down. The history and so the very power of the clan was entrusted to those skilled in the arts of memory, lore keeping and story telling.

IrelandDespite its modest size and isolation as an island country, the influences of Ireland upon Western civilization have been profound. During the 'Dark Ages' of European history, Ireland lived through a period of Fine crafted gifts from Novica.comexpansive learning and artistic development. The creative and intellectual expressions of the Irish people from this era served to nourish cultural and religious centers across the continent over time. The technology of print publishing reach Ireland early and established an immediate foothold. In 1551 the Book of Common Prayer was published in Dublin by Humphrey Powell. Twenty years later the first publication entirely in Irish charaters was printed; Aibidil Gaoidheilge, agus Caiticiosma (ABC and Catechism) by John Kearney.

Irish poet: William Butler Yeats
Yeats Verse Yeats Verse Yeats Verse
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Yeats Verse Yeats Verse Yeats Verse

       One of the characteristics of Irish poetry according to Thomas MacDonagh is a certain naiveté. “An Irish poet,” he says, “if he be individual, if he be original, if he be national, speaks, almost stammers, in one of the two fresh languages of this country; in Irish (modern Irish, newly schooled by Europe), or in Anglo-Irish, English as we speak it in Ireland…. Such an Irish poet can still express himself in the simplest terms of life and of the common furniture of life.” 5

     Thomas MacDonagh is speaking here of the poetry that is being written to-day, of the poetry that comes out of a community that is still mainly agricultural, that is still close to the soil, that has but few possessions. And yet, with this naiveté there must go a great deal of subtility. “Like the Japanese,” says Kuno Meyer, “the Celts were always quick to take an artistic hint; they avoid the obvious and the commonplace; the half-said thing to them is dearest.” 6  This is said of the poetry written in Ireland many centuries ago, but the subtility that the critic credits the Celts with is still a racial heritage. Lore of Poetry: Three Poems by Yeats

     Irish poetry begins with a dedication—a dedication of the race to the land. The myth of the invasion tells that the first act of the invaders was the invoking of the land of Ireland—its hills, its rivers, its forests, its cataracts. Amergin, the first poet, pronounced the invocation from one of their ships, thereby dedicating the Milesian race to the mysterious land. That dedication is in many poems made since Amergin’s time—the dedication of the poet to the land, of the race to the land.

—Padraic Colum, Anthology of Irish Verse, 1922

(5) Literature in Ireland.    (6) Ancient Irish Poetry.

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Ireland Regional Index :

Together, Northern Ireland and the Republic are comprised of four provinces, which consist of thirty two counties.

Province of:
Ireland Galway
Ireland Leitrim
Ireland Mayo
Ireland Roscommon
Ireland Sligo

Province of:
Ireland Carlow
Ireland Dublin
Ireland Kildare
Ireland Kilkenny
Ireland Laois
Irish Longford
Irish Louth
Irish Meath
Irish Offaly
Irish Wicklow
Irish Wexford
Irish Westmeath

Province of:
Ireland Clare
Ireland Cork
Ireland Kerry
Ireland Limerick
Ireland Tipperary
Ireland Waterford

Province of:
Ireland Antrim
Ireland Armagh
Ireland Cavan
Ireland Down
Ireland Derry
Ireland Fermanagh
Ireland Monaghan
Ireland Tyrone

  IrelandToday the spiritual and artistic wells of Ireland still soothe the soul-thirst of the faithful from many traditions. Throughout the world, the hearth fires of our ancestors are drawing us together once again. There is much we can learn, within our modern age, from the histories and cultural accomplishments of those who passed before us. It is an honor to our predecessors, when we turn from the transient news of the day, and pause to listen to the words of an old folktale. It is also a gift to ourselves, for we may often find a familiar passage or story worth holding on to and making our own.

IrelandWithin Earthlore will always be found paths of learning and exploration through cultural subjects such as the great cathedral era of medieval Europe or the innovations in religion and philosophy of ancient Egypt. You will also find journeys into larger questions; Who are we, reflected through our cultural heritage?... What are the historical forces which led us to where we are today?... What, if any, is our destiny as globally connected, yet unique, cultures? Here, you may explore the great mysteries of history, and perhaps come to understand a little more about the mystery of your own self.

Earthlore Ireland - Golden monks 'I go to encounter for the millionth time
the reality of experience.
And to forge in the smithy of my soul,
the uncreated conscience of my race.'

—James Joyce

IrelandThe intent of Earthlore is to encourage and support individual quests and original thinking. These features were created as source for content rich interaction with subjects of cultural history. To this end, the content featured will center around the personal experiences and findings of those who have immersed themselves in these subjects. All subjects will be treated objectively and presented in a manner best suited for subjective utilization. Within this stance, we look forward to the sharing of your own views!

At the center of this journey is the Content Directory of Ireland.
Earthlore Ireland Content Directory
Here you will find a review and guide to all existing pages regarding or related to Ireland. Updates will be posted for features which are under production or near release.

May You Find That Which Your
Heart Hath ever Sought!


IrelandIt happened that on a misty summer morning as Finn and Oisin with many companions were hunting on the shores of Loch Lena, they saw coming towards them a maiden, exceedingly beautiful, riding on a snow-white steed. She wore the garb of a queen; a crown of gold was on her head, and a dark-brown mantle of silk set with stars of red gold, fell around her and trailed on the ground. Silver shoes were on her horse's hoofs, and a crest of gold nodded on his head. Earthlore Ireland  Hearth Tale: Oisin and Niam

IrelandWhen she came near she said to Finn: "From very far away I have come, and now at last I have found thee, Finn son of Cumhal." Then Finn said: "What is thy land and race, maiden, and what dost thou seek from me ?" "My name", she said, "is Niam of the Golden Hair. I am the daughter of the King of the Land of Youth, and that which has brought me here is the love of thy son Oisin."

—Oisin and Niam in the Land of Youth

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