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Earthlore Explorations  Notre Dame de Paris
Southeast Perspective - During the 1890s

View of Notre Dame de Paris from the Southeast, during the 1890s.

       This church, the first ever built in Paris, was begun about the year 375, under the reign of the emperor Valentinian I. It was then called St. Etienne or St. Stephen's, and there was as yet no other within the walls of this city in 1522, when Childebert, son of Clovis, repaired and enlarged it, adding to it a new basilic, which was dedicated to Notre Dame or Our Lady.

       More anciently, under Tiberius, there had been, on the same spot, an altar in the open air, dedicated to Jupiter and other pagan gods, part of which is still in being at the MUSEUM OF FRENCH MONUMENTS, in the Rue des Petits Augustins.

       These two churches existed till about the year 1160, under the reign of Lewis the Young, when the construction of the present cathedral was begun partly on their foundations. It was not finished till 1185, during the reign of Philip Augustus.

       This Gothic Church is one of the handsomest and most spacious in France. It has a majestic and venerable appearance, and is supported by one hundred and twenty clustered columns. Its length is three hundred and ninety feet by one hundred and forty-four in breadth, and one hundred and two in height.

—Francis W. Blagdon, Paris As It Was and As It Is, 1803

Photographic Features of Notre Dame de Paris
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Gothic Heart Vista of Paris from atop Notre Dame - 45k
Gothic Heart Vista of Notre Dame from the Southwest -
Gothic Heart View of Notre Dame from Southeast -
Gothic Heart Vista of Notre Dame from the Seine -

Gothic Heart Interior of the North rose window - 165k
Gothic Heart View of the West facade, 1890s -
Gothic Heart Vista from the Southeast, 1890s -
Gothic Heart View of the Barricades, 1870s -

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