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Earthlore Explorations  Notre Dame de Paris
Northeast Perspective - During the Commune of 1871



View of Notre Dame de Paris from the Northeast during the Commune of 1871. Barricades can be seen in the foreground. The smoky area to the left of the humble fortification is a faint trace of human movement which the camera captured during an extended time exposure. At least 20,000 people were killed as a result of this popular rising, occurring during Prussia's invasion of France. The archbishop of Paris was among those who lost their lives during this crisis.

Photographic Features of Notre Dame de Paris
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Gothic Heart Vista of Paris from atop Notre Dame - 45k
Gothic Heart Vista of Notre Dame from the Southwest - 
Gothic Heart View of Notre Dame from Southeast - 
Gothic Heart Vista of Notre Dame from the Seine - 

Gothic Heart Interior of the North rose window - 165k
Gothic Heart View of the West facade, 1890s - 
Gothic Heart Vista from the Southeast, 1890s - 
Gothic Heart View of the Barricades, 1870s - 

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